Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?

Jon Dodd is an English musician, producer and instant film obsessive. He plays a number of instruments; mostly guitar, keys and a little drums (although nobody really wants that) and has been in and out of various folk, rock, punk and blues bands for the past two decades. Currently, he records under his own name, as part of heavy blues collective, Pyre Peyote and formerly played guitar for underground garage rock darlings, DEAF YETi.

Before all of that, he was a reluctant writer and unrepentant poet, working in and out of both editorial and teaching for a number of years. These days he lives in Whitechapel, London with his imaginary fish, too many books and spends most of his time trying to avoid mixing electro or metal.

You can find him curating a somewhat unusual 'antique photography book, vintage vinyl & mid-century furniture type shop' in Marylebone. His favourite cameras are a Polaroid 600 and a Spectra that still works except for when it doesn't. He loves orange juice, hates wet socks and will talk to you at length about The Pixies if you let him.