A Clockwork Jedi

Many a year past, I used to live across from HMS Wandsworth Prison at the top of Magdelen Road in Earlsfield. Our room looked out across the road and bordering tennis courts to one such branch and we would often wonder what those looking out from within could possibly see. What would Alex make of it all? The criminal mind is a thing of interest because surely we can all appreciate a rousing symphony? A lovely bit of the ultra violence, perhaps?


If you need to ask why then ‘The Book Of Pot’ by Pamela Lloyd isn’t for you and that’s alright. I guess it could be a technical manual as well as a spiritual assessment. Lloyd was Exec Ed of High Times Magazine and so covers pretty much everything one might need to know concerning marijuana. The glossary of terms at the end is my favourite bit, especially considering that my mother has long used the word ‘zonked’. Hmm…


Philip Pullman’s new Lyra book is out and I’m somewhere around the halfway mark. What he continues to do is build upon these fascinating worlds and he’s doing it in a way that seems like gold to his existing fanbase, yet manages to draw new readers into his dense shit. It’s incredible and I would be reading it right now if I weren’t writing about it. I’m reminded of that Ian Curtis quote. Something something, out of hand.

Dr. Bigwick

Returned from the ‘wolds are we. Winter kind of arrived while we weren’t watching. I have a hot chocolate and ‘Oltremare’ by Ludovico Einaudi blasting from the Grundigs thisafternoon and I could not be more in search of comfort food, both in terms of nourishment for the body and cuddles for the soul. Curled Up Inside A Blanket Pyramid is my most desired thesis right now, preferably with some dried mango. It’s a Netflix episode.

Après L'opéra

‘The Lou Reed Songbook’ is what some people might call a bootleg. I’m going to go out on the wire and suggest that unless it’s a passion project, it could also be plagiarism. Fortunately, it would appear to have been put together with love by the most innocent, blessed of souls and now it has found its way here, to our cave of rare, wayfaring objects. We used to have history textbooks at school with the same binding and finish, I’m sure.

Heat, Sleep, Create

Split into more introspective personal essays, insightful interviews, meaty feature articles and a load of incredible art crushed into all two-hundred odd glossy pages, ‘Create! Magazine’ is a publication that is not only easy to navigate but worthy of your time spent doing so. I like art. Specifically, I like art that I like. I also understand that just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean something is not art and that rule has served me well, thus far.

Stky Fngrs Prt 2

M’s passion for that band known as The Rolling Stones knows no bounds. Most select, for him, is their ninth British studio record, 1971’s ‘Sticky Fingers’, partially because the production and track list is banger but mainly because of that Warhol zipper cover. I love it because it has always sounded like the Stones taking things back to basics. That’s the sort of thing that’s inclined to make your music age gracefully.


The Who’s ‘Live At Leeds’ was the first live album by that band, recorded at the University of Leeds Refectory on Valentines Day, 1969. Actually, it was the only live offering released with the still active lineup of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Sir Keith Moon. It’s fantastic. Let’s get that out there. Covers of both ‘Summertime Blues’ and ‘Shakin’ All Over’ are strong on side 1. ‘My Generation’ on side 2 is a tour de fucking force.

O' Banshee

Siouxie & The Banshees are one of those bands that I am late to. Very. ‘Juju’ was the band’s fourth studio album, recorded at Surrey Sound studio with Nigel Gray on co-production duties. Listening to it now, it seems obvious that it was always going to be an album of great influence, particularly re rock, post-punk and combination thereon, in spite of / entirely because of John McGeoch's unconventional approach.

The P Word

‘Beneath The Eyrie’ sounds every bit as though it were recorded in an old chapel, which is only natural because it was. Francis & fam have written an album that is as concerned with the sound and air inside a record as much as it is consumed with thoughts of mortality. The band sound more confident than they’ve ever been since the great reformation of 2003 and doubly so with Lenchantin on bass. Yeah, it’s a Pixies column.

Land Rox

It is true that ‘Borderlands 3’ has many, many guns. It is also true that Gearbox have made another Borderlands game and that I like it. If you didn’t like the first one or even the second one then you probably won’t like this one. If you were an aficionado of the systems they have at play and could either embrace or get past those occasionally/frequently obnoxious qualities present in the core writing then we have at least this in common.


The original ‘Dark Crystal’ has, in recent years, been widely recognised as one of the top sci-fi movies we’ve been gifted with, even if it is now something of a childhood relic. ‘Age Of Resistance’ is a fully revamped, fully realised prequel that retains everything that was weirdly, wonderfully janky about the original while allowing a breadth and scope of vision that would never have been possible in 1982. We got yuck. We got sky. We got life.


My father must have stood on the stairs outside my kidult chamber at one time and wished that he’d thrown out his copy of Dylan’s ‘Blonde On Blonde’. ‘Rainy Day Women #12 & 35’ is a mood song and I think it was probably a file reference before it became an accompanying statement. Personally, I have always found the orientation of the cover a tad unnerving but that might just be me. This is a pretty neat OG pressing and a very nice bit of wax.

Glojo MAX

New things are here. Namely, projects of a photographic nature. If I mentioned in a previous era that I have come into possession of a 1978 Canon AE-1P, then that was correct and I spent a not inconsiderable amount of time, these past couple of weeks, wandering Brick Lane, its sister streets and shooting that most holy of 35mm gold, Kodak’s Tmax 400. The film is sharp as a needle where needed and serves up silky b&w contrast with two fists.

Love & VVords

'Marianne & Leonard: Words Of Love'…where to begin? It’s a movie that embraces its imperfections and imperfect characters because life is imperfect and complicated and messy. The Super 8 esque footage is stunning and stuffed to the brim with wonderful light which complements what is a suitably stunning soundtrack. It’s an honest movie and earns its ending well. You should go see it and fortify thyself. Well, try.

Golden Mago

If you fancy heading down that psychedelic rock/funk/noise hole then you should almost definitely start with ‘Tago Mago’ and try your level best to conduct your journey under the right conditions. This is a first UK press and it’s about as close to perfect as you would want it to be. The introduction to ‘Paperhouse’ is probably one of the most recognisable album openers of the genre from that period and you know you’re in for a ride.


There are a wonderful variety of cats and their associated characters here - writers, editors, actors, directors, models, photographers, artists, painters, curators, columnists, dancers, teachers, home makers, metal sculptors, and even The Episcopal Bishop of New York City - often with their own unique, esoteric take on the moggy mode and appropriately ridiculous photos to accompany them. They are beautiful, yes but they are assholes in additon.

The Last Blonde

This is number 1006 of 2000 printed. It limited. Alasdair McLellan (he of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ fame, Berlin 2002) is a fantastic portrait photographer and ‘Blondey 15-21’ follows the young, English skater over those formative years. While I don’t usually go in for what is technically fashion photography, there is a certain fragility in McLellan’s work and in that of Blondey himself. Nab one while you can.

Water Bully

Bully’s first album, ’Feels Like’ will cut you at volume. Album opener, ‘I Remember’ sets it out like so, with tight, dry drums, punk rock guitars, a mildly psychotic baseline and vocals that…female Kurt? All I can say, is that despite how long it took to finally get a copy into my eager, moist paws, I am very glad to have it with me now. It’s really personal and Alicia Bognanno gets real fast.

A Moxy Rogue

I was beginning to think I might never get to say this and really, truly mean it but Mr. Miller is mixing the record. As we speak. There was a moment when it appeared as though some files - some key files - may have been…missing. I did my best to distract an ailing mind but there were certainly one or two sleepless nights. Thankfully, Mr. Hamper is a notorious and meticulous hoarder and all is well.