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Stky Fngrs Prt 2

M’s passion for that band known as The Rolling Stones knows no bounds. Most select, for him, is their ninth British studio record, 1971’s ‘Sticky Fingers’, partially because the production and track list is banger but mainly because of that Warhol zipper cover. I love it because it has always sounded like the Stones taking things back to basics. That’s the sort of thing that’s inclined to make your music age gracefully.

Golden Mago

If you fancy heading down that psychedelic rock/funk/noise hole then you should almost definitely start with ‘Tago Mago’ and try your level best to conduct your journey under the right conditions. This is a first UK press and it’s about as close to perfect as you would want it to be. The introduction to ‘Paperhouse’ is probably one of the most recognisable album openers of the genre from that period and you know you’re in for a ride.

Six Stone Manga

The 50th Anniversary UK Edition of The Rolling Stones 1969 LP contains no less than two number one singles. It’s also one of seven thousand, which sounds like a big number but there are X million Stones fans out there who would go full-on ‘The Perfection’ with a meat cleaver just to get their one remaining mitt on a copy.

Big Man U.S.A.

Season 2 of Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s Big Mouth on Nythflex is just as funny as the first. It also goes way out into the field across every line you could draw for it and just keeps running, special parts flapping in the wind. The established wisdom is that it’s funny because it’s about puberty and puberty is funny.