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Water Bully

Bully’s first album, ’Feels Like’ will cut you at volume. Album opener, ‘I Remember’ sets it out like so, with tight, dry drums, punk rock guitars, a mildly psychotic baseline and vocals that…female Kurt? All I can say, is that despite how long it took to finally get a copy into my eager, moist paws, I am very glad to have it with me now. It’s really personal and Alicia Bognanno gets real fast.

Altar o' The Fae

To satiate immediate queries, yes it’s more things that are strange and yes it might be better than season one. It’s also a thing that is about post traumatic stress, isn’t afraid to invert its stereotypical sexy lifeguard scene and has deep, pan-dimensional horror in spades but perhaps most importantly, it knows how to tell a joke and it knows when to get real.


Today is both a Thursday and also the Advent of Cupid’s Carnal Rites. Aren’t you the luckiest little biscuit? Maybe you don’t care. Perhaps you have someone else who does care and that is both a good and funny thing, fraught with sweat and elbows.


I have done my level best to meet you on the field and thus fall the results. I picked the dream of the drop for your discerning consideration. This is the place in which you Asked Me Some Things. And you have only me to blame.


This, people, is ‘the John Travolta Scrapbook’ by Suzanne Munshower (Sunridge Press, 1978). How much more do I need to write about it? It’s a scrapbook...about John Travolta? His parents were very proud? I’m very proud? I am: It’s awesome.

Sans Thermals

Joyce True’s portraits and vignettes are the perfect complement to Young’s witty, naughty advice for ‘the man who knows he’ll never have biceps’ like Arnie. As dissapointed as that once made a much younger, more gym-faring me, I’ve come to terms with it and that must be a healthy thing.

Kim's River Myth

Look at this book. Look at this tiny, tiny book. How shall I furnish an empty house with the like of ‘Six Fairy Tales’? Hockney, the brothers Grimm and I need to have a serious chat. Also, I desperately need to Tracy Island a miniature bookmark for that is what shall make my heart to soar.