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Après L'opéra

‘The Lou Reed Songbook’ is what some people might call a bootleg. I’m going to go out on the wire and suggest that unless it’s a passion project, it could also be plagiarism. Fortunately, it would appear to have been put together with love by the most innocent, blessed of souls and now it has found its way here, to our cave of rare, wayfaring objects. We used to have history textbooks at school with the same binding and finish, I’m sure.


The original ‘Dark Crystal’ has, in recent years, been widely recognised as one of the top sci-fi movies we’ve been gifted with, even if it is now something of a childhood relic. ‘Age Of Resistance’ is a fully revamped, fully realised prequel that retains everything that was weirdly, wonderfully janky about the original while allowing a breadth and scope of vision that would never have been possible in 1982. We got yuck. We got sky. We got life.

Glojo MAX

New things are here. Namely, projects of a photographic nature. If I mentioned in a previous era that I have come into possession of a 1978 Canon AE-1P, then that was correct and I spent a not inconsiderable amount of time, these past couple of weeks, wandering Brick Lane, its sister streets and shooting that most holy of 35mm gold, Kodak’s Tmax 400. The film is sharp as a needle where needed and serves up silky b&w contrast with two fists.