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Split into more introspective personal essays, insightful interviews, meaty feature articles and a load of incredible art crushed into all two-hundred odd glossy pages, ‘Create! Magazine’ is a publication that is not only easy to navigate but worthy of your time spent doing so. I like art. Specifically, I like art that I like. I also understand that just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean something is not art and that rule has served me well, thus far.

Forgiving Nadia

‘I Go To Sleep’ was a pretty great song by The Kinks. It’s what people call a “deep cut”. It then became a pretty great song by The Pretenders, followed at some point by a somewhat divisive version by Sia. More recently, it is a pretty great song by British singer-songwriter, Anika. It’s been stuck in my head for a week or more now and most of this is probably just my very circuitous way of telling you to go and watch ‘Russian Doll’ on Nettphlicks.