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Dog Toon Thing

The OST for John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ is psychotic. I would go so far as to say that it has designs on both us and the planet we call home. Do not be fooled by that rainbow centre. Drums sound in the deep, a siren wavers, horribly off-kilter some unimaginable distance away, and through the snow you hear a sound that could well be a maddening tear in the fabric of reality itself. Happy fucking Halloween.

Heat, Sleep, Create

Split into more introspective personal essays, insightful interviews, meaty feature articles and a load of incredible art crushed into all two-hundred odd glossy pages, ‘Create! Magazine’ is a publication that is not only easy to navigate but worthy of your time spent doing so. I like art. Specifically, I like art that I like. I also understand that just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean something is not art and that rule has served me well, thus far.

O' Banshee

Siouxie & The Banshees are one of those bands that I am late to. Very. ‘Juju’ was the band’s fourth studio album, recorded at Surrey Sound studio with Nigel Gray on co-production duties. Listening to it now, it seems obvious that it was always going to be an album of great influence, particularly re rock, post-punk and combination thereon, in spite of / entirely because of John McGeoch's unconventional approach.

The Last Blonde

This is number 1006 of 2000 printed. It limited. Alasdair McLellan (he of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ fame, Berlin 2002) is a fantastic portrait photographer and ‘Blondey 15-21’ follows the young, English skater over those formative years. While I don’t usually go in for what is technically fashion photography, there is a certain fragility in McLellan’s work and in that of Blondey himself. Nab one while you can.


We find ourselves at one singular hundred articles. With an estimated average of seven hundred words per strudel, that makes a total of approximately seventy thousand words, in all - the summary of a short and particularly weird novel - for you to paw and rummage through, like so many horny voles. I am here with you and I am amazed.

The Griffin Cosmos

Brian made his name shooting album covers for everyone from Iggy Pop to Depeche Mode, Queen and Kate Bush to name but a few. We talked about his collection, about tour fatigue and we even discussed how his initial work necessitated Polaroid backs which ended up signed by their artistic subjects and most likely in the collection of any number of lucky assistants. The mind boggles.


We are going to see Nirvana play at Reading tonight. We shall be at The Institute in East London, in 2019 at a secret cinema type thing that The Lady Ess found and convinced me to attend in less time than it took to finish her sentence. Also, one third of ticket profits go to the Campaign Against Living Miserably in honour of you know who.