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Dali's Spangly Pants

Paula Yates’ musical drawers are very funny, very tongue in cheek and…illuminating? Both Bob Geldof and Frank Zappa are most impressive (yes, in that way), as are Lemmy Ace Of Spades and Ted Nugent. Bowie/Ziggy and Elton John’s shots might be a little too close for comfort and I’m not certain that we needed those particular angles? As for McCartney, I think there might be such a thing as cheating here.


The centre hole - which I had not gone so far as to notice in my hastened greed - appeared to be one of those large RCA jukebox affairs. In disappointment, I could only reflect that I would have to purchase the most exotic of adaptors with which to enjoy my ill purchased gains. And then of course, I took the thing right out its dust jacket.