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Making Cells

BBBOCHTRON has been formed and we can only hope that camerawork elsewhere in the Beeb’s stable is not indicative of work here. I need to pull at this thread for my own peace of mind. It dropped over the weekend but there is no rush because The Lady Ess is only some way through the first book, ‘The Northern Lights’. That being said, y’all can’t spoil it for me and I’d love to hear what you think. Is it a good thing? It isn’t, is it? Is it?


Philip Pullman’s new Lyra book is out and I’m somewhere around the halfway mark. What he continues to do is build upon these fascinating worlds and he’s doing it in a way that seems like gold to his existing fanbase, yet manages to draw new readers into his dense shit. It’s incredible and I would be reading it right now if I weren’t writing about it. I’m reminded of that Ian Curtis quote. Something something, out of hand.

Excellent Three

E3 happened last week and the dust is still settling. We saw a load of reveals, gameplay and orchestral performances which is nice and even more things got release dates, some of them with more power to levitate your eyebrows offa your facade than others. There were also appearances from certain people to cause a heart to chorus.


Nintendawgs are dropping a hot fifteen minutes of delicious details pertaining to ‘Pokemon Sword & Shield’ tomorrow. I shall admit that I am eager to see what they have hidden in the moist folds of their catch 'em all robes, particularly in light of this generation’s relocation to a green and pleasant land. I am also piqued by their PR terminology that stipulates they have work to share related to their “researching [of] this new region.”

Sculpture 99

‘Studies In Verberation’ features the work of reclusive French sculptor, ACM, which may or may not be an acronym for Actual Credible Messiah. The NYT called it ‘mouldering’ and I think that might be correct, in the best possible sense. I am obsessed and thoroughly up in their craw.