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The Equine Strikes Out

‘The Outer Worlds’ is the best possible likeness of a ‘Fallout’ game. Set in ‘No Man’s Sky’ by way of ‘Mass Effect’, not forgetting ‘Bioshock’, plus ‘Firefly’. It was made by Obsidian, them there innovators of iterations on intellectual properties what you love. That’s pedigree and there’s little point in getting contrarian. Multiplayer pending, we can go there together and that would be okay. I am there now and it’s a time I am happy to stamp.


We are going to see Nirvana play at Reading tonight. We shall be at The Institute in East London, in 2019 at a secret cinema type thing that The Lady Ess found and convinced me to attend in less time than it took to finish her sentence. Also, one third of ticket profits go to the Campaign Against Living Miserably in honour of you know who.