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Excellent Three

E3 happened last week and the dust is still settling. We saw a load of reveals, gameplay and orchestral performances which is nice and even more things got release dates, some of them with more power to levitate your eyebrows offa your facade than others. There were also appearances from certain people to cause a heart to chorus.


Basement Beehive’ landed on my mat late last year and it’s taken me a while to make my way through the trackless with any kind of conscious recall in tow. There are fifty-six tracks. 56. Take it either way, alpha or numerical and that’s a lot of tracks. Fortunately, you’re unlikely to have heard any of them before.

Wario Blues

Apart from tight and enjoyable game mechanics that gradually ramp up the further one progresses, the game remains cute as all hell today. Cuter still was the tiny brown parcel with personalised note that arrived after I won a copy on eBay.

All Your Apartheid

Vinyl has been back for some time now but this AM record lets all the cats out the bag. In a sense, it never really went anywhere and has just been the elephant in the room all along.

Quarter Queens

Should you not be versed, The Runaways were the first real all American girl rock band. Also - unlike certain spiced ladies - these cats could really play. Their second studio album after 1976’s eponymous debut is full of sticky riffs, wild choruses and - to lay it out plain and hot - growls like it means it.

The Grass Menagerie

Someone equally afflicted as I, wrote that to love Pokémon is to remember exactly what it is to be nine and a half years old. For me, it was twelve and I remember that bulbasaur in the same, vivid way as I would recall my first beer, car and/or lover.