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Shrove Romuli

There are still those out there who have yet to see Netflix’s Oscar award-winning ‘Roma’. There are also apparently those who definitely know better that are trying to claim it’s not a film? I wish that I couldn’t figure out why but I guess that lemons aren’t mutually exclusive to dat shrove treat, in the same way that films are not exclusive to movie theatres.

One Honey Snap

Remember those disposable cameras you used to buy in the airport? The ones now reserved for wedding tables and hen parties; those that occasionally…how do I put this? Go missing and then turn up years later in time capsule fashion with all kinds of nostalgic and “compromising” material squirrelled within?

Maya Have More?

If you’ve ever seen one of those movies with Keira Knightly, Johnny Depp and Mr. Bloom, that’s the kind of territory we’re into now: Banana trees, cenotes (read, subterranean sweet water caves, riddled with nice bats), lagoons the like of which you visit in your most idyllic Caribbean dreams (I’m lusting for you, Kaan Luum) and Los Angeles.

Earthsun Cancun

I reley didn’t want to also be the one saying this - as well as every other sweating native right now - but it’s hot. Like, really hot. Like trouble-breathing-moving-eating-sleeping-existing hot. I understand that it is similarly, if not more so uncomfortable elsewhere in Europe Land but we are not accustomed to nor built for this degree of warm.