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The Shadow Angelic

Sekiro is the kind of thing upon which dynasties are founded and I feel like FromSoftware are actually getting their talons into my weak, reluctant hide with this one, in a way that they did not with the Soulsborne games. Those were interactions wherein I was more the mouse than the cat and I crawled beneath a sofa the very second their attention was diverted.

Dali's Spangly Pants

Paula Yates’ musical drawers are very funny, very tongue in cheek and…illuminating? Both Bob Geldof and Frank Zappa are most impressive (yes, in that way), as are Lemmy Ace Of Spades and Ted Nugent. Bowie/Ziggy and Elton John’s shots might be a little too close for comfort and I’m not certain that we needed those particular angles? As for McCartney, I think there might be such a thing as cheating here.

Bunny Beastie 45

Some have said that the Sixties & Seventies alike were a more innocent time but I don’t know if that’s true. They were certainly a more naive time.


Do I have the two to five hours spare required for this particular foray into this precarious structure? Have I told anyone where I’m going? Should I be wearing a GPS tracker? I’ve seen that movie and James Franco lost a mother fucking arm.