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The P Word

‘Beneath The Eyrie’ sounds every bit as though it were recorded in an old chapel, which is only natural because it was. Francis & fam have written an album that is as concerned with the sound and air inside a record as much as it is consumed with thoughts of mortality. The band sound more confident than they’ve ever been since the great reformation of 2003 and doubly so with Lenchantin on bass. Yeah, it’s a Pixies column.

Water Bully

Bully’s first album, ’Feels Like’ will cut you at volume. Album opener, ‘I Remember’ sets it out like so, with tight, dry drums, punk rock guitars, a mildly psychotic baseline and vocals that…female Kurt? All I can say, is that despite how long it took to finally get a copy into my eager, moist paws, I am very glad to have it with me now. It’s really personal and Alicia Bognanno gets real fast.

Altar o' The Fae

To satiate immediate queries, yes it’s more things that are strange and yes it might be better than season one. It’s also a thing that is about post traumatic stress, isn’t afraid to invert its stereotypical sexy lifeguard scene and has deep, pan-dimensional horror in spades but perhaps most importantly, it knows how to tell a joke and it knows when to get real.