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Altar o' The Fae

Altar o' The Fae

I’ve been moving in instalments and thus far, it is working for me. At least that’s my perspective. I am just one person and not a narrator to be trusted with information of national importance. Mr. R has suggested that he may lend a proverbial as well as physical hand and we could well divide our time accordingly between the transportation of physical things - predominantly solids - and the processing of liquids at various watering holes encountered along the way. I’m not suggesting that the consumption of liquor makes moving house any easier (far from it) but it might make it more fun?

yes it’s more things that are strange and yes it might be better than season one.

Holy ‘Stranger Things: Season 3’. That synth score on the last trailer they had already placed my hype at plus 500K and I am cranked for more. To satiate immediate queries, yes it’s more things that are strange and yes it might be better than season one. It’s certainly better than season two. It’s also a thing, among other things, that is about post traumatic stress; it isn’t afraid to invert its stereotypical sexy lifeguard scene; it isn’t afraid to tackle emerging teenage curiosity and jealousy; it has deep, pan-dimensional horror in spades and it might give you the willies. It has all these things but perhaps most importantly, it knows how to tell a joke and it knows when to get real. There is loneliness and there is loss and Team Duffer has absolutely allowed character relationships to breathe and become altered. It would be easy to call it a coming of age story and go for lunch. It is an adventure story, which (if Stephen King has taught us about nothing besides haunted lamps) means that it is a story about friendship. The whole thing is an 80s DnD fantasy, with battles between good and evil, trials and tribulations, the nega ego and a +1 language perk. There are parallels with the most recent 4th of July here too and so you can take or leave that, as you will. Either way, it’ll still be the best thing streaming on TV.

Anyone who’s been in that situation with a bunch of people shall recognise parts of this process

The Pixies podcast, detailing the recording of new album ‘Beneath The Eyrie’ (handily titled, ‘It’s A Pixies Podcast’) snuck out last week and now there are three episodes. I always have time for their nonsense and so I have devoured all the media and can say with conviction that it’s exactly what I need it to be. Hosted and narrated by Tony Fletcher [he of the excellent Keith Moon and R.E.M. biographies] it details the writing & recording process of their new album at - the astoundingly aptly named - Dreamland studios near Woodstock. Anyone who’s been in that situation with a bunch of people shall recognise parts of this process and the conversations that happen around it and it’s a little like being in the trenches with them. It’s wonderful to hear Francis explain how his desire to play music remains the same as when he was a natty little kid, obsessed with rock ’n’ roll and noise and fun. Their drive remains as consistent today as it was in 1987 and I have everything crossed, externally and internally that ‘Beneath The Eyrie’ is going to be the strange, loud band I dig. You can check out the podcast here on whichever platform you get your shit on. I have been using Acast and the experience has been unparalleled.

it’s an important piece for context and indeed as a travelling companion to ‘Just Kids’

Robert Mapplethorpe’s ‘Altars’ is a relatively recent collection of his photography. Printed in Italy by Random House in 1995, it’s an important piece for context and indeed as a travelling companion to ‘Just Kids’ and also that other little book of Smith’s poetry. That being said, this is not a pocket-sized edition. It is an incredible selection of his work, beautifully put together in a weighty, big-boy case format. I borrowed it from the library of that place that is always on fire and include a few close-ups here, for the very purpose of your delighting. There are a few early Polaroids, a good few portraits of Ms. Smith and an exploration of his sadomasochistic material, as well as his religious material. I feel like it’s a pretty accurate representation of him as a photographer and I’m glad someone actually got around to putting it together, blowjobs and all. Now, I have to return this copy at some point to its most infernal owners but I can find another one and by extension, so can you.

I’m off to buy obnoxious bed linen. I was informed that my initial selection was classy to the point of boring and so I went in a different direction. Now, I like Snappy Snaps but there is a time and a place for everything and all I’m saying is that some people might trust them with a bit too much.


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Lizard Rising

Lizard Rising