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Good Gont

Good Gont

If it gives you any indication exactly just how nice a guy PS is, he kindly gifted me a copy of The Good, the Bad & the Queen’s new album, ‘Merrie Land’ for Xmas. This is their second offering, produced by Tony Visconti and - in the best possible way - it’s the audio equivalent of Banksy’s ‘Dismaland’. At least, I think it would have made an excellent soundtrack to that thing and that is well.

I spoke with him for a bit a few weeks ago, back when it was still 2018 and not this new age of miraculous invention. It was his birthday again, which was the last time I saw him a span past. That previous encounter involved houses and fire and he was just as approachable a soul then. It’s nice not to be surprised, sometimes. Shopping for other people is difficult and perhaps that’s a middle ground on which we might all meet.

buckets of the hard stuff may lead you to losing hours, making snow angels while the party passes

Champagne is good too. Whiskey is better. He told me about a friend of his - also in the biz - who pinned down, with maximum efficiency that shorts are better than beer for long drum sets. The only downside is that buckets of the hard stuff may lead you to losing hours, making snow angels while the party passes. I believe Steptoe & Son also came up, courtesy of a really real skeleton he was painting in the studio at one point: A guy, who had been there to read the meter, got the fear and it all just goes to show that punk gives you stories, if everything else. It’s also not mutually exclusive to being a decent human being, even if you might have hung the most famous P Model in the world over your mantle piece. Faith intact.

‘The Favourite’ is very, very funny and a high-end piece of screen food indeed.

I was at something of a loss the other evening and so did what I normally do when left with only my navel to contemplate. The Everyman cinema on Baker St is the best kind of unnecessary necessity there is, particularly at this time of year when it do be cold outside. ‘The Favourite’ is very, very funny, sad and real in addition. It is a high-end piece of screen food indeed. Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weiss couldn’t be more perfectly cast and Yorgos Lanthimos looks to have kept a masterful hand on the wheel. In a somewhat dearth-like period, there are definitely worse ways to spend a couple of hours and the guac at Everyman is top tier stuff. Failing that, there’s beer and…I forget why I need more reasons.

Image courtesy of  The Verge .

Image courtesy of The Verge.

I am fully aware that I promised not once but twice to head back to Gont and this is me making good on that

Brood Mother purchased the excellent new collection of Ursula K Le Guin’s Earthsea books, illustrated by Charles Vess. I am fully aware that I promised not once but twice to head back to Gont and this is me making good on that [better late than never]. Vess’ work is beautiful and it’s a very special feeling to finally have the meaningful whole of that universe bound up in one, satisfactorily substantial volume. It is a most comforting wedge for bedtime reading, if not all that practical for the tube or indeed any form of travel not utilising a suitcase. That caveat aside, I have already traversed Duny’s initial tale - from mountain village to the ends of the earth and back again - and have just landed on the shores of the Kargish Empire.

If memory serves, there’s something very wrong with those nuns and I want in on those tombs.


[Props to The Good, the Bad & the Queen for the thumbnail image.]

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