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Back in the early, spawning pools of January, I reached out to TEH list of mailings - those of you foolish enough to tell us where you live on the web - and asked what queries or quandaries you might have regarding TNA. As a result, I have done my level best to meet you on the field and thus fall the results. I picked the dream of the drop for your discerning consideration. This [for want of a better term and Zeus knows it needs one] is the place in which you Asked Me Some Things. And you have only me to blame.

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Where do you get your ideas for articles?

Everywhere. Things arrive here by magnetism. That’s my assumption, anyhow. I also go looking for stuff. If I receive or see or find a thing and it sticks to my brain, that’s a node. That being said, if I need to take a break, I do. Read lots. Watch lots. Speak to people. Breathe.

Do you have a favourite genre?

Of music? Books? Film? It’s possible that the answer to all three is Science Fiction, seeing as how that 65daysofstatic record still gets heavy rotation and that’s pretty rocking. I like my noise fairly heavy although not normally as far out as metal. It’s not that I don’t respect metal, it’s just not my thing. Blues, rock n’ roll, soul, jazz, psychadelica, grunge, punk, classical…anything so long as it’s well written, played and pressed! Books & film fall under that primary umbrella: If it’s got some kind of time travelling techno wizard who is also a sad lizard bird then I’m down.

What’s up with the name?

Something to do with music and also photo. Most days of the week, you’ll get a slightly different answer to this question but for the most part, it’s noise and wild, wild visions of the terrifying persuasion. I guess we smash things together and see what the result is and that’s where it came from. Polaroid was a big thing too as that whole process has a painterly, alchemical quality to it. As for the nickname? That’s a longer story involving lethargia indicative of a specific past life and a duvet.

Which platform do you use for the site?

We use Squarespace and those guys are fantastic. We also have a resident coms freak who works black magic on some of their source code, allowing us to tweak certain things. It’s always a working progress but that’s part of the fun and we’re very happy here.

You were in a band? Are you still in a band? What’s up with the band?

I was with a band for time and I guess I still am. I tried giving it up once (for all of three days) yet the pull is strong and we are where we are. While I love naming anything, it also became somewhat exhausting renaming work with saddening regularity. At some point, a very wise person convinced me to own it and - crippling modesty in tow - I decided a project name would be a joyous buffer. Hence: Pyre Peyote. There are a couple of video type things already for your perusal and a new record in the works. Half measures are not up for discussion.

Pixies are shit.

Not so much a question?

How do I alchemy?

I shall take this more as a “how do I make” question type. And the key may rest, in part upon the play. I like questions and I also like references. Thereforever, the answer is in the name and so in Part Trois of this recipe. At heart, I breathe for stuff that has fallen through time: old, naughty, rare photography books; well-played vinyl; awkward cameras & film; neglected consoles, and dumpster guitars. Specifically. I find things. Then write about them. In all honesty, it’s a new thing for me, to actually put down the ways in which I obsess about stuff and I can only be glad that I’m here and able to do so.

Do you have a writing process? If so, why are you so bad?

I have no idea. Most days, I care and that may well be the crux. The beginning is usually a good place but not always the first thing I come to. Working from different places at different times tends to help keep things fresh and that feels like it’s the biggest thing and keeps me from getting stale. If I do get stuck, I tend to just try and start writing and piece everything together from there.

Do you have plans to monetise the site? What does the future look like for The Noisy Alchemist?

This is a safe nook for our collective shit and we’d much rather not sell you things unless we want to. We do have some seriously rad stuff in the pipeline, should you desire a more tactile relationship with TNA and we’ll be ready to talk about that pretty soon.

I’d like to write for The Noisy Alchemist. How?

I would say, “By being succinct” but you pretty much nail it there, far better than I ever manage to do! I’d love to hear from you, especially if you have a fetish for a thing and don’t know where to put that thing. Literature or music? Photo? Film? Foods? Games? Mail us and we can get weird.


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