‘Oddworld:Abe’s Oddysee’ on the PS1 kept me well and truly glued for at least one summer in the early Noughties but I never got past that bee ridden mountain, with or without the “help” of a desert type tauntaun. Fortunately, Yourub exists and I can finally reach those once unvisited, unsurmountable heights via the most vicarious of means.

Wed Ted R'demption

‘Live at The Star Club, Hamburg’. That album is seminal [there’s actually a copy in the post], it’s just…not necessarily a redeeming piece of music should you have married your thirteen year old cousin? Possibly while still married to your second wife? I mean, it’s a really wild record and maybe you just call yourself Bird Man and people forget.

One Honey Snap

Remember those disposable cameras you used to buy in the airport? The ones now reserved for wedding tables and hen parties; those that occasionally…how do I put this? Go missing and then turn up years later in time capsule fashion with all kinds of nostalgic and “compromising” material squirrelled within?


This is ‘Hot Hits 16’, pressed in 1973 by EMI as part of their Music For Pleasure series. It’s two sides of just really, really great and/or interesting covers of everything from ‘You’re So Vain’, through ‘The Jean Genie to ‘Roll Over Beethoven’. Again, they are covers and not the original artists but that isn’t always a bad thing and is often a refreshing thing.

Horsey, horsy, horsie

The new season - the fifth of its name, in case I might have your attention - of Bojack Horseman has been up on the Northflux for just long enough, should you love to both laugh and cry simultaneously. I maintain that everything about this show is gold for the reflective manic depressive and that is exactly what I require.

Dali's Spangly Pants

Paula Yates’ musical drawers are very funny, very tongue in cheek and…illuminating? Both Bob Geldof and Frank Zappa are most impressive (yes, in that way), as are Lemmy Ace Of Spades and Ted Nugent. Bowie/Ziggy and Elton John’s shots might be a little too close for comfort and I’m not certain that we needed those particular angles? As for McCartney, I think there might be such a thing as cheating here.

Maya Have More?

If you’ve ever seen one of those movies with Keira Knightly, Johnny Depp and Mr. Bloom, that’s the kind of territory we’re into now: Banana trees, cenotes (read, subterranean sweet water caves, riddled with nice bats), lagoons the like of which you visit in your most idyllic Caribbean dreams (I’m lusting for you, Kaan Luum) and Los Angeles.

St Mary's Garden

While the studio has no name as of yet, we would like to proffer, ‘The Hollow Beneath St Mary’ as an option. It’s basically an abandoned crypt and possibly our natural environment. The tools have been tended to, the iron is hot and my body is…ready?


Anya Silver was 49 and I think it’s entirely reasonable to say that’s too young. I certainly feel that way. I have a few of her books at home on the top shelf and I climb there from time to time, curl up among some dust bunnies and rest in the half light.

Earthsun Cancun

I reley didn’t want to also be the one saying this - as well as every other sweating native right now - but it’s hot. Like, really hot. Like trouble-breathing-moving-eating-sleeping-existing hot. I understand that it is similarly, if not more so uncomfortable elsewhere in Europe Land but we are not accustomed to nor built for this degree of warm.


From what I understand, it is no uncommon thing for people to feel like they were born a little late. This is not merely a tail-end Millennial thing either. I mean, it absolutely is that but it is also a malaise capable of afflicting people at various points along their respective tortured timelines.

Lobos Skyatone

No Man’s Sky NEXT lives and from what I understand, may in fact necessitate welcoming that piece of software back onto my PS4 hard drive. I recall making the space required the other evening but worry that my launch PS4 shall by no means be up to the task.

Super 8 Alkaline

It is Friday and I might be dying. How would I know? Is this what death feels like? It might be. All I can know for sure is that I crashed on a wood floor last night - the resonating sensation of which might mean I had either the best or worst nights sleep I’ve had in years.


The new part arrived late last week and is currently being fitted by Andy The Technomancer as I type this. Much in the same way that a piano being tuned or bells being hung are fascinating processes to watch, this is simultaneously arcane and voyeuristic. As for the Rosita, she is lain disembowelled about the listening room floor.

Posterior Credit

Berlioz’ ‘Symphonie Fantastique’ by the Hallé Orchestra - conducted by James Loughran in the summer of ’76 - is a beautiful piece of music. To boot, the cover art is eye-catching as hell. Not only that but it may have more to do with that infernal place than first meets the eye.


That one could always have it worse is usually true; that we could be so much better to one another, even more so. It’s been a week of ups and downs and buoyancy control is difficult when it requires much the same elemental composition needed just to get out of bed in the morning, function and remain standing until it's time to lie down in a dark room for six hours and not talk to anyone.

Wario Blues

Apart from tight and enjoyable game mechanics that gradually ramp up the further one progresses, the game remains cute as all hell today. Cuter still was the tiny brown parcel with personalised note that arrived after I won a copy on eBay.


The centre hole - which I had not gone so far as to notice in my hastened greed - appeared to be one of those large RCA jukebox affairs. In disappointment, I could only reflect that I would have to purchase the most exotic of adaptors with which to enjoy my ill purchased gains. And then of course, I took the thing right out its dust jacket.

All Your Apartheid

Vinyl has been back for some time now but this AM record lets all the cats out the bag. In a sense, it never really went anywhere and has just been the elephant in the room all along.