Quarter Queens

Should you not be versed, The Runaways were the first real all American girl rock band. Also - unlike certain spiced ladies - these cats could really play. Their second studio album after 1976’s eponymous debut is full of sticky riffs, wild choruses and - to lay it out plain and hot - growls like it means it.

The Grass Menagerie

Someone equally afflicted as I, wrote that to love Pokémon is to remember exactly what it is to be nine and a half years old. For me, it was twelve and I remember that bulbasaur in the same, vivid way as I would recall my first beer, car and/or lover.


Misrach is a wonderful large-format photographer, both in terms of landscape and portraiture and the characters, animate and otherwise are breathtaking. He can walk into that place and I shall follow.

House Solo

The prop design in Starwars has always been a big thing for me. I have well and truly lost count of the hours I’ve spent ‘window shopping’ on Etsy for a DL-44. Luke or Han’s, I can’t decide and it may be even more iconic for me personally than The Falcon. And I have that tattooed on my god damned arm.

Them Wizard Feels

Joy Division is always a band I have to be in the mood for. I need to gear myself up and don the appropriate armour prior to submersion. It’s not always an easy thing to do and I suspect I’m not the only one.

Psycho Sombro

We definitely thought about the colours going in, having first laid hands on ‘Lady In Red’, we decided to match it with her ‘Lady Out Red’ and 'We Three', with similar tones of red, yellow and black running throughout. These three belong together and are being kept as a set. I’ll not see them parted. As for the canvas, 'December', well. See for yourself.

Name of The Lion

Having finally cleared most of my current mountain, I decided it was finally time to head back to Earthsea. Like many, I grew up with these books - devouring them in great, dragon-shaped swathes - long before I went to Hogwarts.

Hind Quarters

When I asked him at what point the spectacle would conclude, Pat suggested that this might come to pass once all the horses are dead. I don’t really think he understands it either. Also, there are no skulls on this betting slip.

Space Inversion

The 1970s were a pivot point, or could have been and I get their frustration and anger at the senseless, arbitrary greed of it all. It grinds the molars now more than ever. The 1980s look like the roadtrip I want to take. Just give me a second to stuff a bag with some film and I’ll meet you in the Police box out back.

Paint & Polaroid

The advent of photography placed the means by which everybody and their grandmother could, with less than little attention paid to their own artistic ability - to paraphrase Isaac Asimov and his wonderful forward to ‘SX-70 Art’, edited by Ralph Gibson and published by Lustrum in 1979 - make the world stand still.

Bunny Beastie 45

Some have said that the Sixties & Seventies alike were a more innocent time but I don’t know if that’s true. They were certainly a more naive time.

That Sixties Game

It was, so they say the best of times. It was also the worst of times. Shakespearean even. The very royal ‘We’ were bombing the ever-loving daylight out of whomever we pleased. Much in the way we are now.

Blue Bird Roamin’

The brush strokes are deeply, deeply personal and the film as a whole is thoroughly capable of touching you in your most personal of places. Also, Ronan and Letts are incredibly real and must-watchable.


Do I have the two to five hours spare required for this particular foray into this precarious structure? Have I told anyone where I’m going? Should I be wearing a GPS tracker? I’ve seen that movie and James Franco lost a mother fucking arm.

Carbon Voodoo

It’s decent sci-fi and I was happy to escape there for a bit. If anything, it’s proof that my Neuromantic pill of choice is and may always have been the new black.

Rock n' Pies & 5 by 5

there is a far superior version of ‘Toxic’ by that Spears lady to be mined if you do indeed sing the lyrics for that song over the excellently titled ‘Spaghetti Junction’ in an altered and vastly improved fashion.

Big Yellow Opera

a few of my regular miscreants (because ‘friend’ is such a strong word after Friday night) raised at least one of their collective eyebrows at this particular foray into the boxes this weekend.